Typography illustrations generated by an artificial intelligence.

During the first months of 2019 I heavily explored the possibilities of generative art using an artificial intelligence. This project has been created using a technique known as neural style transfer. Basically, this means you train an AI on a certain art style, it then tries to imitate the style it learned and transfers it onto any image you want. It does so by generating a various number of iterations, each iteration will get you closer to the original style (as visualized in the gifs).
I trained the AI on my very own abstract illustration style to figure out if it could recreate my handmade artwork. After several experiments, I noticed that styling typography this way gets some really wild and unique results. I decided to apply this technique on the 26 letters of the latin

For conceptual details and more information on how I did this, please read my extensive post on medium covering this project.

Originally published on 
my instagram for 36 Days of Type 2019.

Year / 2019
Client / work for university
Role / Art Direction
Credits / 
Based on Neural Style Transfer by 
Somshubra Majumdar 

The process, done by the AI

The training data
Each letter has been assigned to a certain artwork I made by hand during the last years. The AI then tried to transfer that style on the letter.

The complete AI-generated alphabet

Ai-generated Lettering: A
Ai-generated Lettering: A