In early 2017, I somehow found my way into the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. As a designer at heart, I quickly realized that the space has a huge problem: user experience. The UI/UX of crypto was really bad back then, and not so much has changed until today. For my bachelor thesis, I decided to work on this problem.

I created the concept for an app called Genesis. It has mainly two goals: first and foremost, finding ways to improve the overall UX of crypto and actually
questioning all commonly-used mechanics. I decided to move away from the style of banking apps to a more user-centered approach where using crypto is in focus over just holding it. The app features completely rethought interfaces for basic things like buying, selling or sending crypto while trying to maintain a clean, serious look and feel.
Furthermore, I imagined AI-powered features, which could be a potential benefit for the users and create an USP for Genesis. This turned into features like automated AI-powered trading or a personalized news-aggregator.

To keep the interface as clean as possible, the app has been split into two parts: the green-colored basics and the red-colored AI-features. Navigating between these two works with a swipe on the homescreen. Once learned, this ensures an 
intuitive way to use the app and keeps the screens very clean despite many built-in features.

Along with the working prototype (made in Framer X), I wrote a 60-page theoretical thesis describing the whole concept of Genesis. The prototype itself had to be in german language due to restrictions from my university.

Year / 2019
Client / personal – bachelor thesis communication design
Supervision / Prof. Erich Schöls at 
University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt
Role / Design & Conception