An interactive design project about a topic which has never been more prominent than today: privacy.
I noticed that there are a lot of 
controversies about how big internet companies like facebook or google handle our personal data. Many people, the media and even governments are concerned: These companies know so much about us and we cannot grasp the scope of this data collection.
I wondered: Do people actually know what data gets collected? I didn't know what exactly is saved when using these services, so I looked it up. I assumed that many people feel the same way: They know their data gets collected, but certainly not in detail.

With this project I displayed the data facebook, google and uber collect from us – in a way people would understand. I built a small box with two spyholes, containing a display to show information. When no-one uses the installation, a loop screen is shown with quotes from these company's bosses talking about privacy.
To interact with it, you could slide stencils made out of acrylic glass into the box. The content then changes: text passes through showing the actual data these companies collect.

The project isn't meant to critisize these companies; instead, I wanted to open the viewer's minds so that they can form their own opinion about this topic. Some people are ok with sharing certain facts about them and their lives – for some this may be a reason to never use these services again.


Work for university


Prof. Erich Schöls


Art Direction, Interaction Design


See what happened in the box after somebody slid in one of the stencils: